Project Overview

DiCultYouth is an Erasmus+ project that aimed to develop and further synergies between the creative sectors of culture, education and technology to help boost the digital skills and employability of young people. The project also worked towards supporting educational systems and cultural organizations to make the most of new technologies so that they can contribute to the employability of the young generation.

Project aim

Enhance the employability of vulnerable young people and support youth with a background in humanitarian studies to pursue career opportunities in cultural heritage related fields.


  • Promote youth’s a love for European cultural heritage in a bid to help them develop appropriate cultural management and digital skills
  • Get young people Involved in promoting, contributing to and take advantage of cultural heritage
  • Equip young professionals with essential IT knowledge skills and knowledge that will open up new pathways and opportunities for a career in the cultural heritage sector
  • Further digital literacy among young people and combat youth unemployment through a multi-assessed e-learning programme for young people with fewer opportunities that will elevate their digital competences to meet the needs of labour market
  • Pave the ground for the exchange of knowledge and practice between research centers educational and training institutions and Ngo’s active in the field of cultural heritage
  • Provide a platform through which cultural organizations, stakeholders, agencies, relevant public services etc. can guide and advise young people for future employment


Online training course: DiCultYouth for a European digital economy The project developed an e-learning course that teaches the histories, methods, and theories in Digital Culture, in combination with specialist skills in cultural industry so as to best prepare young students and youth with fewer opportunities to work towards a digital horizon in the socio-economic field related to cultural heritage sector.